Azure SQL DB Monitoring and Performance Tuning

Massive thank you to the SQL Server community in Oregon for letting me present Azure SQL DB Monitoring and Performance Tuning (Level: 100 / Beginner) at both SQL Saturday Oregon 2015 and Oregon User Group yesterday. I’m thrilled that we had full rooms (over 30 attendees) in both sessions and that the sessions attracted lots of interests from those who are new to Azure SQL DB, expert DBAs and new to SQL in general. I enjoyed presenting this topic to the Oregon community for their interaction, interesting questions and great feedback.

The session outlines technology / techniques that are available for Azure SQL DB Monitoring and Performance Tuning, including scaling up/down using Azure Portal, Index Advisor, Query Performance Insights, Extended Events (XEvents), DMVs and Elastic Pool.

The slide deck is available here.

Azure SQL DB Life Cycle

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