Bye bye GeoFlow, Hello Power Map!

If you have been following Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 (#WPC13) and Microsoft SQL Server blog, you would have heard about all the new features that are coming to Office 365. I am excited about the news as it means that small and medium businesses have not been forgotten. I am a little biased about this as I love technology and from a consultant’s point of view, I get to think about how to leverage these new features as a powerful and competitive strategy for our clients.

One of the most impressive new features in Office 365 is Power BI. Yes, it is “Power” themed. GeoFlow is now called Power Map. The new features are not available yet, but you can register just like I have.

Power BI for Office 365

Power BI related tools are:

  1. Power Pivot
  2. Power View
  3. Power Map (formerly known as GeoFlow)
  4. Power Query (formerly known as Data Explorer)

Other exciting news on Office 365 is natural language query engine and a Data Management Gateway as outlined on What powers Power BI in Office 365?).


Enjoy the Power BI demo by Amir Netz at WPC 13!


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  2. I personally cannot wait for Power Bi to become available. Do you perhaps know if there is a partner/per-preview program for partners or eager people to get it activated? I’ve asked/logged around but it’s all a big black hole

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