DAX In A Jiffy: Short Time Formatting Issue

Not long ago, Gina Meronek (b | t) posted on twitter asking about some issues around Short Time date format. This is what I really appreciate from the community on Twitter. You can ask a question or share some news that you just found, and engage with other people in the community!

Twitter Conversation

Back to the original topic of discussion on this #InAJiffy post, it appears that Short Time format in Tabular is doing what the Medium Time format is supposed to do and vice versa. The same issue is found on Power Pivot too. The Language and Regional Settings suggested by Books Online where they were supposed to affect the formatting output of Short Time and Medium Time seem to be ignored.

Region Setting DAX Short Time

I have subsequently posted a Connect item related to it here. Please vote for it. If you have the time and are based outside USA and Australia, please also check if you can reproduce the bug with your default local region setting. Let us know if you find any other quirkiness and post it here 🙂

Thank you kindly!



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