#InAJiffy: SQL Server + R for SQL Nerds

Earlier this morning in beautiful Vancouver, Washington, I presented “Boost Your Analytics with Machine Learning for SQL Nerds” at SQL Saturday Oregon. The slide deck is now live!

Are you trying to understand what’s the fuzz around Machine Learning? Are you working with a lot of data analysis and wondered how SQL Server 2016 R Services might be able to help?

This session will provide a gentle and fun introduction to SQL Server R Services for SQL Nerds. We will walk through pragmatic examples of using R through demos, to illustrate Machine Learning in boosting your Data Analysis capabilities. The goal of this session is to provide quick tips and tricks for attendees to get started on SQL Server R Services, either for fun or for work.

I loved the energy from the 70 attendees at bright and fresh 8:30AM! Some of you asked about performance on SQL Server with R; and luckily, my awesome colleague and SQL buddy, Amit Banerjee (t) has done a session on “Building 1 Million Predictions per second with SQL Server and R”. Check out his slide deck and demo materials here.

One other blog post that I’d recommend for DBAs who are interested in learning more about SQL Server and ML, Tomaz Kastrun’s (t) example on tracking and finding where and which queries might be potential system stoppers.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave your comments here; or reach me on twitter @MsSQLGirl.