Learn Microsoft BI Stack

This is a much belated follow up to my very first blog post Open Your Mind To Business Intelligence from 4 years ago. Unfortunately all of the linked Channel 9 videos in that blog post are no longer available. The great news is, there is a book that can help you “open your mind to Business Intelligence”, reflecting the latest version of Microsoft BI Stack (as at the time of writing).

I have recently tech edited Applied Microsoft Business Intelligence book (ISBN: 978-1-118-96177-3) written by Patrick LeBlanc (b | t), Jessica Moss (b | t), Dejan Sarka (b | t) and Dustin Ryan (b | t).

Applied Microsoft Business Intelligence One of the reasons why I enjoyed reading / tech-editing this book is that, it was written with one goal in mind; i.e. how to leverage Microsoft BI stack including SQL Server and Microsoft Office in real world application and more effectively. All four authors are experienced consultants and BI experts from variety of industries, sharing their wealth of experience in the following topics:

Part I Overview of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Toolset

Chapter 1 Which Analysis and Reporting Tools Do You Need?
Chapter 2 Designing an Eff ective Business Intelligence Architecture
Chapter 3 Selecting the Data Architecture that Fits Your Organization

Part II Business Intelligence for Analysis

Chapter 4 Searching and Combining Data with Power Query
Chapter 5 Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Semantic Model
Chapter 6 Discovering and Analyzing Data with Power Pivot
Chapter 7 Developing a Flexible and Scalable Tabular Model
Chapter 8 Developing a Flexible and Scalable Multidimensional Model
Chapter 9 Discovering Knowledge with Data Mining

Part III Business Intelligence for Reporting

Chapter 10 Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Visualization Tool
Chapter 11 Designing Operational Reports with Reporting Services
Chapter 12 Visualizing Your Data Interactively with Power View
Chapter 13 Exploring Geographic and Temporal Data with Power Map
Chapter 14 Monitoring Your Business with PerformancePoint Services

Part IV Deploying and Managing the Business Intelligence Solution

Chapter 15 Implementing a Self-Service Delivery Framework
Chapter 16 Designing and Implementing a Deployment Plan
Chapter 17 Managing and Maintaining the Business Intelligence Environment
Chapter 18 Scaling the Business Intelligence Environment

You can read this book end-to-end to master the Microsoft BI Stack; or simply read a few chapters related to the areas that you are new to or not too familiar with. As an example, if you are new to SSAS Data Mining, you can be sure to find detailed introduction to it in this book. Check more detailed description, including table of contents on Wiley’s website here.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.

Happy Learning!