Ms SQL Girl Is Turning 3 With A New Look

I was contemplating to update Ms SQL Girl website for quite a while, and finally I did it. It has been nearly three years since I started the website. Even my first post referring to a few of Channel9 Business Intelligence videos no longer exist (Yes, I’m looking at a follow up post to reevaluate suitable videos for the current trend). My initial aim for the blog was to share some useful things that I have found during my journey in the SQL Server world. As time goes by, I have realised that my quest for technology-only pursuit has expanded to SQL Community, networking and technology outside SQL Server such as TFS / Visual Studio Online, Power BI and many more. This path has led me to learn new things from others, to meet new friends, to make interesting choices and learn from them, to travel, to grow as a person and as a Data, BI and SQL Server professional.

Thank You’s

Thank you for following Ms SQL Girl, reading the articles, leaving criticism and positive feedback and for SQL Family for your support.

I am glad that I use WordPress. The community is strong and there is a lot of support and it is just so easy to use. Thanks WordPress!

The new logo is by Wendy Chew (Mashi @ Deviant Art) whom I found over 5 years ago at DeviantArt, when I used to be active in the photography world. I love her artwork and was very ecstatic when she agreed to draw the character. I am very happy and proud to have Wendy’s Ms SQL Girl re-imagined on my website.

Ms SQL Girl Logo

With lots of gratitude,

Julie Koesmarno


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