Power BI In A Jiffy : Myth Busting Driver Fatalities

Instead of posting a quick tip on Power BI, I thought I’d share my quick story about Power BI.

Power BI Contest is near at its end (just under 1.5 day as I write this blog post). Submissions started pouring in and I am very excited to see all the amazing work of BI Professionals out there. Hope to watch your video on the website and may be at PASS BA Conference!

To view the submissions entered so far, including mine, please visit PowerBIContest.com.

I suspect that the moderator needs to approve my video first before it is published. Hopefully my entry qualifies 🙂 So, here is a slightly longer (and less talking) version of it.

Myth Busting Driver Fatalities With Power BI


Oh, and Happy New Year!