Public Preview GeoFlow for Excel 2013

If you love geospatial data or geographical data, you should check the Public Preview of GeoFlow. It is an add in to Excel 2013 which renders 3D visualization of geographical and temporal data. The Beta version was announced late last year and I provided a review here. The Public Preview version is a much improved version, from performance, user interface, new features (such as chart) and many others. The Public Preview of GeoFlow was announced this morning and demoed at PASS BA Conference.

Without further ado, the download link is here:

Here is a teaser from me.

Stay tuned for more reviews from me!

If you are attending PASS BA Conference, check out Jason Thomas’ session (Geospatial Analysis Using Microsoft BI) on Friday (Apr 12, 2013). There may be a demo of GeoFlow there too.

I will also be doing Geospatial visualization talks at SQL Saturday 211 in Chicago on Apr 13, 2013 and SQL Saturday 201 in Orange County on Apr 20, 2013. I will show you how GeoFlow works live!

Official Links from Microsoft
GeoFlow Forum: Post and answer questions for the product team and community
GeoFlow Facebook Page: Share datasets, tours, and blogs
GeoFlow Product Page on Download requirements, directs to Web Download page below
GeoFlow Download Page: Download the bits on Microsoft Download Center

Further Reading / Research

Analytic Cartography: Master Geospatial Reporting session at SQL Saturday 211 in Chicago
From Impaired To Insightful Geospatial Reporting session at SQL Saturday 201 in Orange County