SQL Collaboration

2014 has kicked off and the four of us, SQL professionals, around the globe have decided to do a collaboration work.


Who are we?

1. Mickey Stuewe (@SQLMickey | blog)- based in Orange County, USA

2. Chris Yates (@YatesSQL | blog) – based in Kentucky, USA

3. Jeffrey Verheul (@DevJef | blog) – based in Rotterdam, Netherlands

4. Julie Koesmarno (@MsSQLGirl | blog) – based in Canberra, Australia


What’s our mission?

It’s very simple. We have decided, despite the different time zones and physical locations, to get together and to help each other out in growing as SQL Professionals. There are a lot of amazing SQL professionals out there, and we look up to them a lot. We feel that as a team, within SQL Collaboration, we can support each other and learn independently as well as a group.


What are we going to start with?

Simple. We are all Friends of Red Gate. We believe it’d be a great way to contribute back to the community and to say thank you to Red Gate for creating useful tools that SQL Professionals can use. We are starting with SQL Search! So, look out for our posts

Friends of Red Gate


How can you follow us?

Check our blogs regularly or follow us on twitter using hashtag #SQLCoop.



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