SQL Rally Dallas 2012: Tuesday Pre-Con Review

I landed in Dallas on Monday 7th May 2012 afternoon. I was very excited to be in Dallas, not only it was my first visit, but also the fact that my brain would be like a sponge absorbing new information at SQL Rally.

Dallas Convention Center is huge! I was lucky that I didn’t get lost here. Luckily with the guidebook, I was able to find where I was meant to be for registration, i.e. Area A Lobby. (If all else fails, check your wifi, if you can find “PASS Wifi”, you’re close to it!). The registration was easy and smooth. Sri Sridharan greeted me when I registered for the precon sessions. The morning started very well indeed.

So I went to my first session of SQL Rally today which was a pre Con session with Denny Cherry, Storage for the DBA. I decided to come to this session with a motive of knowing or understanding how to talk to the Infrastructure team in terms of setting up storage / virtualisation in an optimised way.

Denny was great in his presentation. He knows a lot about storage, virtualisation, network, SQL Server (and many others) which makes him a good presenter for the session. Although my knowledge of storage limited, I was able to keep up with the speed. Sure, I still have quite a lot of questions, but now I know what questions to ask and what to bingle.  I would highly recommend this session to any DBAs, especially those who have their own Data Centers. If your company provision the storage / server / virtualisation to another third party such as Rackspace, etc, this session would be immensely useful because  you can ensure that you (or your company) are paying for the service that meet the business requirements. I am very certain that every attendee would have had a unique learning experience from one another. If you missed out this session, hopefully it will be featured in another upcoming session.

Now, my afternoon will be spent on spending time to recover from jetlag and enjoying Dallas.