SQL Rally Dallas: Wednesday Pre-Con Review

It was a prefect weather to start Wednesday Pre-Con SQL Rally sessions today. I decided to atted Greg Galloway’s 99 Tips for Tuning and Enhancing Analysis Services session today. It was very informative. I highly recommend this session. Greg prepared the material very well and thoroughly, including providing hard copy hand outs for attendees and allowing attendees to copy the demo files. As most pre-con sessions are, Greg’s session definitely came from first-hand expert knowledge and experience as well as hours (or even more) of preparation.

Greg mentioned the followinng in his preview of the Pre-Con session:

Q. If there was one thing you wish attendees would implement after attending your workshop, what would it be? A. I wish people would take an hour to set up logging of Perfmon counters and trace information so you can see how performance is trending over time. I’ll do my best to convince attendees how useful this information can be and show what I personally choose to log.”

Yes, I will be turning on the Perfmon counters in my environment. I’ll be setting up a template and monitor this overtime; both for SSAS Tabular Model instance and Multidimensional instance.

Thank you Greg for the 99 tips! I’ll be referring to your slide deck on regular basis now.