SQL Saturday #365 Melbourne, 6-7 Feb 2015

Wow! It seems like it was only yesterday that we had SQL Saturday #296 Melbourne! If you are looking for free training on SQL Server, BI and PowerShell space, be sure to mark your calendar and register for SQL Saturday #365 Melbourne Saturday, 7 Feb 2015.
SQL Saturday #365 Melbourne

Precon Sessions

Stoked by the great success from earlier SQL Saturday this year, Team SQL Saturday Melbourne has been busy working on doing something different for 2015. One of them includes offering a whole day Precon sessions on Friday, 6 Feb 2015. These precon sessions are offered at merely AU$315 per session – an incredible price for a whole day session from world-class trainers/speakers. There are 3 being offered this year.

1. BIML Bootcamp

Pre-con Tracks

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml)
  • Getting Started with BimlScript Transformers
  • Mist and Biml for DBAs
  • Real World ETL framework for Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)
  • SQL Server BI Upgrades and Migrations using Mist
  • Power BI with Mist and Biml

Speakers: Reeves Smith, Peter Avenant, Warwick Rudd, Paul Schmidt

For more information and to register, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sql-saturday-precon-biml-bootcamp-tickets-14151819473


2. Mastering Execution Plan Analysis

Expert-level query tuning and performance analysis requires a deep understanding of both the query optimizer and the execution plans it produces.

This full-day workshop begins by covering the design and operation of the SQL Server Query Optimizer. Starting with a clear overview of the basics, the session progresses rapidly to examine the detailed and often subtle behaviours that have real impact on almost every query you write. At the end of the query optimizer section, you will understand how it works, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to design databases and write queries to get the best from it.

The second part of the workshop starts with an introduction to the Query Execution Engine, looks at query plan operators in detail, and covers the main things you need to check for in execution plans. We then move on to further developing the deep technical knowledge and practical skills you will need to start analyzing execution plans to an expert level.

Speaker: Paul White

For more information and to register, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sql-saturday-precon-mastering-execution-plan-analysis-paul-white-tickets-13986904207


3. Practical Power BI

Power BI is a set of really powerful Business Intelligence tools. It enables information workers in small to mid-sized businesses to do (Self Service) BI. However, it is not limited to small to mid-sized businesses. It will find its way into corporate BI as well and can be a good tool for Business Intelligence consultants.

In this practical demo-rich precon we will cover when and how to use Power BI. We will delve into Power Query to shape data. You will get a first glimpse of M, the new language behind Power Query. We will create a model using PowerPivot to use all data in a simple, consistent way. We will cover multiple Excel reporting options to create powerful Excel reports on top of the model. We will visualize the data using Power View and Power Map. We will and the day with the Power BI site and the extra features like the Data Management Gateway en Q&A.

After this day you will know when and where to use all different parts of Power BI and you will be able to start working with the tools the very next day.

Speaker: Peter ter Braake

For more information and to register, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sql-saturday-precon-practical-power-bi-peter-ter-braake-tickets-13987405707


Why Attend SQL Saturday #365 Melbourne?

SQL Saturday events are also a great way to practice your speaking and training skills for a larger audience. If this is you, Call For Speakers closes on 9 Dec 2014. So please submit your session(s) soon. We already have over 22 speakers submitting and from 4 countries outside of Australia!

If you are new to the speaking gigs or would like to improve your speaking skills by having a panel of experienced speakers providing feedbacks, you should enter Speaker Idol! Submit your 10 minute session(s) as Lightning Talks on the website to join the Speaker Idol contest.

Apart from learning SQL Server as well as sharing our knowledge and passion for SQL Server and our career, it’s a place to network, to meet potential clients, employers and peers!

There are more reasons to come – check out other events around SQL Saturday #365 Melbourne here.


See you there!