Twitter Analysis on PASS Summit 2013 – Part 1

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Two of the most important times in the year as upcoming and existing SQL Server Community speakers are the submission day for PASS Summit and the Summit days (or shall we say “week”?).

I am one of community speakers – nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time about session abstracts and the opportunity to speak in front of other passionate SQL Server professionals. PASS Summit is more than just a conference for most of us – it’s a gathering for #SQLFamily; we share knowledge, we have fun and we bring back lots of good memories as well as new learning.

April 3, 2013 9 PM is the big deadline for Community speakers. Using Analytics for Twitter I was able to gather some information on how busy the community was today – discussing SQL PASS and PASS Summit itself. Without further ado, here are the charts.

Let me see!

Analysis based on today’s date up to 9:15 PM (April 3, 2013)


Analysis based on location the past week.


Tone analysis the past week

Note: The time play tone analysis has been replaced with Line Chart instead for easier viewing on the website.

If you are interested in tone / sentiment analysis on social network, below is a good session that cannot be missed at PASS BA Conference on April 10 – 12, 2013. Hope to see you there!

Social Text, Sentiment, and Tone Analysis by Ruben Pertusa Lopez  Paco Gonzalez


Wrap Up

Using Analytics For Twitter add-in, we can analyze the buzz around Community Speaker submission for PASS Summit 2013. The submission ended on April 3, 2013 at 9 PM (PST).

I am certain that the conversation about abstract submission will continue for at least another week. Topics discussed will include wishing good luck to other speakers, encouragement, selection announcement, the rules, the system (time out issues), deadline and many others.

I’ll post another article with some more Analytics for Twitter in about a week to follow this up.


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